: Be the first!

Do you want to be the first one to know? Do you want to be the first to learn about that that house on the market or that new product from your competitor? Be the first to learn about that job at this company you would love to work for or about upcoming weather that demands more stock for your shop.

We at provide the means to check websites of your interest for changes up to a hundred times a day! When changes are detected and matched with other variables you explain to us you receive an email or text message.

Of course you might find many websites offering email alerts and newsletters. However you might the last on the list in the mailjob that only goes out during midnight. When you let us configure a 20 minute frequency with text message alert you will know virtually straight away.

Hire more staff for your beachclub, drop prices when the neighbour is selling the same model used car, apply for a vacancy within half an hour, think about the impression that makes on your customers.

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